The Facts We Should Know About Dyslexia

Characteristics of students with dyslexia

Students with dyslexia are having difficulty reading because they cannot interpret the symbols correctly written either in the form of the letter itself, in the form of a syllable or word form.

Commonly symptoms associated with dyslexia

Spelling errors

  • Difficulties in pronunciation (phonology) where students are not able to pronounce the written word.
  • Difficult to sound the vowels and always leave it, for example ‘Could’ spelled ‘cold’

The memory

  • Troubled in short-term memory
  • Have difficulty to organize information
  • Hard to remember the order of day , month , year


  • Read too fast and incorrect pronunciation.
  • Read very slow and intermittent.
  • Mispronunciation of the words: ‘from’ become ‘form’
  • No intonation when reading.


  • Difficult to write on a straight line

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