TOP 5 tips for Malaysian parents to teach kids reading..

  1. 1.       DO NOT teach the letter names such as ‘ ei ‘ for the letter ‘a , ‘ bi ‘ for the letter ‘ b ‘ because this technique is not guarantee helping the kids to read. It is best just to teach them using alphabet cart.


  1. 2.       Do not teach children to spell the letters in the words because it is involving two processes of learning: recognising the letter and spelling.


  1. 3.       Do not teach children identify letter sounds while identifying the name of the letter at once, such as saying ‘ ei ‘ (the letter ‘a’ ) sounds ‘a’ because the child does not need to know the name of the letter to read .


  1. 4.       Do not teach children to memorize any syllable or word in the beginning of reading learning because it will burden the children.


  1. 5.       DO NOT teach the UPPER LETTER to the child because this is not important to children at an early stage.